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AAYALI scented candles have been featured in Marie Claire magazine
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AAYALI scented candles have been featured in Elle magazine
AAYALI scented candles have been featured in Women's Health magazine
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At AAYALI, our mission is to spread the power of gratitude.

We believe in taking a moment to pause, reflect and be thankful for the blessings in our lives. Practicing gratitude makes you feel happier, more present, and confident to live your best life.

Our products serve as gratitude reminders and are designed to help you create a peaceful and mindful space in your home, where you can focus on cultivating gratitude and positive energy.

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  • Unrivaled quality

    Only the finest materials: 100% natural wax and pure cotton wicks ensure a clean burn

  • Relaxing scents

    Scents that relax and transport you - created by French perfumer Anaïs Fournial

  • Impeccable craftsmanship

    Poured by Trudon, the oldest master candle maker in the world (established in 1643)

  • Gratitude

    Be reminded to pause, reflect and be thankful - every day

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What our customers say

It really felt like a present when I received my candles. The packaging and the smell! I would definitely recommend the product if you're looking for a high quality, beautiful gift for yourself or someone else.

Esther W.

It burns beautiful and even without lighting it, the whole room smells AMAZING!

Vivianne V.

A great reminder for me time. The candles complement and enhance my interior.

Katrien D.

Luxurious. Beautiful packaging. You smell the scent of the candle when you walk past it.

Valerie V.

Wonderful smell and very nice to know that there are no harmful substances in the candles (especially with 2 little ones at home).

Anouk H.

Sophisticated, elegant and luxurious.

Lies V.

Nice product. Felt appreciated as a customer.

Marianne S.

The candle holders are absolutely beautiful!!

Molly F.

Incredible scent, luxurious and chic packaging. I would definitely recommend."

Danielle V.

It smells so good!

Cynthia O.


Complimentary gift wrapping

Whether it's a small token of appreciation, a gift for a special occasion or a treat to yourself, each AAYALI product is presented in beautiful luxury packaging.

We are committed to offering you a grand experience from the pleasure of discovering what's inside to the joy of lighting your scented candle!