Creating a fragrance is an art form that requires patience, experience, and creativity. We partnered with French nose and bespoke perfumer Anaïs Fournial to exclusively develop our three signature fragrances - Confiance, Joie, and Sérénité.
AAYALI fragrances can be characterized as sophisticated, timeless, and evoking a feeling of ultimate luxury and relaxation. We believe that the right fragrance can transform a space and set the mood for a moment of relaxation and gratitude.


Scent JOIE
  • Delicate | Comforting | Cozy
  • Joie means joy in French. Joie is a soft, cozy, powdery fragrance that calms you and makes you feel joyful.
  • Smells like: Warm rays of sunshine on a crisp morning
  • Story: Joie transports you to a cabin in the mountains where you can enjoy the beautiful view of a snowy landscape while snuggling up on the couch under a warm, soft cashmere blanket.


    • Classy | Intriguing | Seductive
    • Confiance is a sophisticated, woody fragrance that gives you a bold, authentic feeling.
    • Smells like: A crackling fireplace
    • Story: Confiance transports you to a classy hotel where you step into a bold, intriguing and luxurious setting. Leather armchairs, crystal whiskey glasses and vintage books symbolize this interior where you relax and enjoy the crackling of an open fire place.

    Scent SÉRÉNITÉ

    • Elegant | Sophisticated | Romantic
    • Sérénité is a creamy, floral scent that gives you a serene, dreamy feeling.
    • Smells like: A relaxing day at the spa
    • Story: Sérénité transports you to a summer memory of a sneaky kiss at sunset, where a warm evening breeze brings a soft, slightly sweet scent of white flowers.


    Still not sure what to choose? No worries, we offer a 100% happiness guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with the scent you chose, we'll exchange your candle for a different scent.