7 thoughful ways to give thanks

Sincerely thank the man who helped you in the store to pick up a heavy box from a spot you couldn’t reach, say thank you to your child’s teacher because your child absolutely loves going to her class, put your mom in the spotlight because she is always there for you,... 

We don’t do it often enough and yet, we all know how much a sincere thank you can do. Both for the giver and the receiver. Let's be honest: gratitude is the shortest route to happiness. A small habit that brings you back in touch with your heart and with the joy that you experience in your life. However, this does not only apply to yourself, but your environment can also benefit from this. Research has shown that people who thank others on a regular basis also make themselves happier.

Expressing gratitude is a win-win situation. Those who receive a thank you feel more appreciated and as a result are more likely to help others without any expectations. A thank you is a small, simple gesture but can have a tremendous impact!

Let’s all make an effort to thank more often! We’re listing 7 thoughtful ways below how you can share your gratitude.

  1. Write a personal thank you card
    Everything’s digital today. That’s exactly why a handwritten card sent via postal mail is now much more valuable. Take a moment and write down your grateful message!

  2. Give an unexpected, big hug
    Overload your friends and family unexpectedly with lots of love! Give them a big hug and let them know you appreciate their presence and efforts. Instant mutual happiness guaranteed!

  3. Send a quick thank you email to a colleague
    One colleague does you a favor by taking over a meeting, the other asks how your children are doing at the coffee machine,... Show them how grateful you are for those little things or moments and send them a quick thank you email. Takes only a few minutes of your day, but has a weeks-long effect.

  4. Give someone a treat with a small gift
    A bunch of fresh flowers, a box of chocolates or a scented candle. It really doesn't have to be much to give someone in your environment the feeling that they’re appreciated. After all, you don't always have to wait until Christmas to show up with a gift.

  5. Thank your partner with all your heart
    A relationship is often limited to a quick "I love you" or "thank you". However, take some time to sincerely thank your partner for everything he or she does. Tell him or her what this means to you. This deep form of gratitude will undoubtedly bring you even closer together.

  6. Invite your friends for dinner
    Good friends: They are always there when you need them, but finding time to spend together can be difficult with busy schedules and agendas. Invite them for a spontaneous dinner and celebrate your friendship. Just because.

  7. Bring delicious treats to the office
    That look in their eyes when you place your delicious smelling cookies on the table in the kitchen! Which colleague is not happy when someone brings something tasty? Thank your colleagues for their support with some simple treats. A small, thoughtful gesture that will taste unexpectedly sweet to many.